Is God Calling You To Ministry? The Principle Objective in Life is to Answer the Weighty Question "Who am I?"  Without answering that question, destiny cannot be achieved. This book gives you the tools that make answering that question and many more possible. Find the road-map to your destiny. Learn what to avoid and what to embrace. Discover the role that discipleship and mentoring play. Acquire the anointing needed for life fulfillment of purpose. Gain the knowledge you need to protect and nourish the dreams of God in you.
The Glory of Kings In the discourse of human events nothing stands out as a greater influence of human decision and history like the impact that the Word of God has had upon mankind. This resource is sorely undervalued and underused. The Word of God not only has the power to influence history and human events, it has the unmitigated energy to develop godly character. In developing godly character there is not the enforcement of the power of the will but a kingly search for the Creator. We are brought to godly living through the exercise of learning about Jesus. When we do this it has the wonderful effect of developing your character and through God's Word you will find yourself being transformed into the image of His Son. By giving understanding to biblical foundation subjects, you are released to interpret the deeper things of those hidden treasures found in the Bible.
The Government of God Since the beginning of time, through the ages, and to the present, man has been seeking to govern himself by his own power. What is an elder and what is a bishop? Both of these terms have brought confusion to the Body of Christ. The understanding revealed about these two words can completely revolutionize the structure of the Church. Coming back to a Hebraic cultural understanding will release us as the Church to look like Jesus in the earth. With all of the various types of government in the Church, it becomes obvious that we have lost information that would keep us in the divine order of God. When we let God interpret to us what He wants, and we follow it, that can only be followed by the manifestation of His presence corporately.
Warfare! Kathryn takes you on a journey into the enemy's camp as she explains her after death experience. She reveals to the reader what she saw and heard as she was walking toward heaven on an amber lit path. The information she discloses in this writing is a wakeup call to anyone involved in spiritual warfare. The devil has truly tricked thousands of Christians to wage war on the wrong battlefield. Backed up by Scripture, this experience will open your eyes to the three battlefronts of warfare the devil has waged against the Christian. After reading this startling revelation, the authors then take you on a journey into the Word of God to unveil the method of warfare we are to be engaged in as Christians.
The Weapon of Prayer The Weapon of Prayer is a compilation of seven books written by E. M. Bounds in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.  This is a tremendous collection all centered around the singular subject of prayer.    We published this collection in a 8-1/2 x 11 trim size which makes it a great book for education institutions.  We are offering this extensive work at a discounted price.  There are 450 pages of revelation filled pages that will transform even the seasoned saint’s prayer life.
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The Failure of the Church: A Chronology of End Time Events “The Failure of the Church” takes an honest and hard look at where the Church is failing. This failure has end time ramifications that many Christians are unaware of. Most Christians think that they are ready without pursuing the biblical knowledge that reveals what is required. The parable of the ten virgins found in Matthew chapter twenty-five shows that the Church is made up of two different types of Christians. One group is called wise and one group is called foolish. This is where the chronology of end time events meets the end time Church. The foolish virgins represent those who are not ready and are left behind while the wise virgins attend the wedding ceremony with the Lamb of God during the tribulation. When we apply the template of a split Church to end time events it unlocks the prophetic utterances concerning end time events. The mystery surrounding the tribulation and the millennium are now revealed. This book takes you on a journey through all of the end time prophecies to develop a timeline concerning the end time events.
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