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Program Description Certificate of Discipleship APL-Apologetics 101 Understanding the Times 102 Margret Sanger Thesis BIB-Biblical Studies 101 The Fear of God 102 Faith Academics 103 The Knowledge of God 104 Gifts of the Spirit 105 Healing: The Life Force of God 106 Communicating With God CHC- Christian Character 101  The Weapon of Prayer CHR-Christology 101 The Garden and the Cross 102 Abiding in the Vine ECC-Ecclesiology 101 Are You Called? 102 Mentoring 103 He Called Her Woman 104 Church Government 105 Are There Apostles and Prophets Today? 106 Apostles 107 Prophets 108 Teachers 109 Pastors and Evangelists ESC-Eschatology 101 The Failure of the Church: A Chronology of End Time Events HBR-Hebraic Studies 101 Biblical Principles of Prosperity 102 Buried With Christ 103 The Hebrew Alphabet and Culture SPW-Spiritual Warfare 101 Compromising With Jezebel 102 Perception VS Reality 103 Road to Freedom 104 Rules of Engagement 105 Building a Philosophy for Life STR-Soteriology 101 True & False Conversions 102 Amazing Grace 103 Overcoming Sin   Course Descriptions APL-Apologetics 102 Understanding the Times This course outlines the differences between Christianity and the other prominent world-views vying for allegiance in Western culture: Islam, Post-modernism, Secular Humanism, Marxism, and New Age. BIB-Biblical Studies 101 The Fear of God This course is designed to teach a biblical description of "The Fear of God." The student can expect to learn the biblical definition of the fear of God, how to acquire it, and the benefits that a fear of God promises. 102 Faith Academics The purpose of this lesson is to get a biblical working knowledge of what faith actually is. The student will be able to define it, grow it, and see its importance in the life of a minister of the Gospel. 103 The Knowledge of God The student will learn the importance of the "Knowledge of God." They will learn an accurate definition of the phrase and they will learn that it is the key that opens the Christian to experience the divine nature of God. This course has the power to alter any Christian's life and behavior. 104 Gifts of the Spirit An introduction to Gifts of the Spirit. We will define them so that they can become recognizable to the student. The student will also be given an evaluation in order to help them recognize their gifts. 105 Healing: The Life Force of God Does God still heal the sick? This is an exploratory look at healing from a biblical perspective. We answer questions like, "What does healing have to do with the kingdom of God?" and "Can any of us who are Christians pray for the sick with an expectation of results. 106 Communicating With God The student will learn about the different kinds of prayer found in the bible. We also teach the importance of the prayer of faith to access the divine nature of God. The student will understand how important it is to inquire of the Lord and how to hear His voice. CHR-Christology 101 The Garden and the Cross This lesson was developed to raise the student's knowledge of the completed redemption that Jesus accomplished. It stresses the three parts of the atonement; the mind, the spirit, and the body. The student will come away with a full understanding of the word "salvation." 102 Abiding in the Vine Jesus was a Master storyteller. He had the ability to take common surroundings and turn them into essential lessons that concern our lives. One of these stories was the story of abiding in the vine. ECC-Ecclesiology 101 Are You Called? This is a biblical look at our calling as Christians to present evidence of purpose and those things which God has ordained us to accomplish. It will guide the student to the importance of discipleship to facilitate growth and maturity. 102 Mentoring This course is designed to prepare the student for discipleship; to understand the roles of disciple and leader; to learn the responsibility that the leader has toward the student and the responsibility the student has toward the leader. The underlying message of this lesson is designed to build the relationship between disciple and leader. 104 He Called Her Woman This course takes a look at the differences of the roles of men and women in the Church. The knowledge this course will impart will motivate you and bring a new revelation to how God views marriage. We will go through those controversial statements that Apostle Paul made and deal with them using sound hermeneutic principles of interpretation. 105 Church Government What is the Church? How is it portrayed as today, and how do we fit into it? We define Church government, what the bible states, and what we see being used today. It covers an in depth study of the Body of Christ and the structure of that Body. We also introduce the student to the concept of the five-fold ministry. 106 Are There Apostles and Prophets Today? This course was developed to give the student an understanding of the arguments used by those that consider the prophet and apostle as non-existent in the Church today. We take each of their arguments and exegetically deal with them. The student can expect to come away with the ability to defend the presence of these callings in the world today. The secondary purpose of this course is to enlighten the Church to the presence of these important callings in today's Church. 107 Apostles The structure of Church leadership was clearly defined by Apostle Paul. Each calling has a passion, special giftings and anointings to complete their course. First, in our look at callings is the apostle. The apostle is a unique calling that is needed in the Church today. 108 Prophets The calling of prophet is one of the most mysterious callings in the bible. This course will bring sensibility to the topic of the prophetic ministry. Learn about their passion and gifting as well as why we need them in the Church today. 109 Teachers The teacher is another important calling in the Body of Christ. This calling is an asset to the other four and they help to keep any organization free of heresy. 110 Pastors and Evangelists We continue our study of the fivefold official callings. In this installment we will take a close look at the Pastor and the Evangelist and their purpose in the Church. We look at the passion and gifting that drives them. HBR Hebrew Studies 101 Biblical Principles of Prosperity This lesson is designed to give the student a Hebraic look at the principles of prosperity. You will learn the place that priesthood has in the idea of the tithe. 102 Buried With Christ This important course brings out some very important points concerning baptism in water. The student should come away with a renewed understanding of this rite of passage in the Christian faith. We deal with the interconnectivity this rite has with various doctrines. After the student finishes this lesson, they will not take baptism for granted ever again. 103 The Hebrew Alphabet and Culture The Hebrew Alphabet is an important component in interpretation. It is pictoral and concrete which lends itself to a more solid foundational meaning. The Hebrew culture brings another level of the rich wisdom found in the text of the bible. SPW-Spiritual Warfare 101 Compromising With Jezebel One of the most dangerous threats to any Church comes in the form of the Jezebel tactic. If this tactic will be successful it requires clandestine operations unseen by others. To protect the Church, all members must be educated to spot and identify this tactic in operation. This will serve to inoculate the enemy from destroying a Church from within. 102 Perception VS Reality This course will give the student a clear understanding of how to develop their critical thinking skills; to have the tools to develop a competent accurate worldview; to give the student the tools in which to test information to determine its validity; to teach the student how to guard the truth and recognize deception. 103 Road to Freedom Every student of the bible needs a working knowledge of what spiritual warfare is; how to recognize bondage and how to get free. 104 Rules of Engagement The purpose of this course is to give the student an understanding of spiritual warfare, what it is, and what it is not. The student will know how first to tear down their own strongholds before they attempt to help others and to properly engage the enemy in the ways taught us by the Master and our King, Jesus. 105 Building a Philosophy for Life This course takes a historical look at the philosophical models that have shaped our world. We want to instill in the student a clear picture of how this nation has degraded morally and philosophically to the place where it accepts moral relativism and secular humanism over the biblical model of morality and Law. STR-Soteriology 101 True & False Conversions This course teaches a clear method of biblical evangelism that stresses the model that Jesus and the Apostles used. The student will come away with the confidence and the tools needed to reach out to the world.   102 Amazing Grace This extremely important lesson will help the student understand the theological context of God's grace as it applies to each of us. They will learn the correct place that the Law of God and the grace of God have in their lives. 103 Overcoming Sin This is a detailed study about sin and how one overcomes it. The student will learn where sin gets its power and how to deal with it in a biblical way in order to overcome it. This lesson puts sin in the proper perspective in order to free the student to do the work of God.