Introduction  We believe that your education experience at Collegium Bible Institute will enrich every part of your life. When contemplating the status of the American church, we see an increased desire among the Body of Christ to enter into discipleship. There is a desire being placed in the hearts of believers to expand their knowledge of God. This is what we are committed to doing for you. We want the Body of Christ to be well taught and able to defend their faith. There is not an era in the history of this nation where we are more in need of biblical education then now. The culture of this nation has become hostile to the gospel of Christ. If we are to win this culture back to God, we need to be armed with the truth relevant to this culture. That means that you need to be equipped with knowledge that will allow you to communicate the gospel in a way that will impact an unbelieving generation. The Philosophy of Our E-Learning Center System: We have put much thought into how we offer these courses on-line. Once you sign up and purchase your books, you will be contacted by our staff with instructions on how to access your courses.  Once you have created your account, you will be given access to the first discipleship lesson. Style: These lessons are in a building block order. It is therefore necessary that you proceed from lesson to lesson so that you will be building upon each principle. This has the effect of conditioning you to become solidified on fundamental principles that under-gird all other doctrines. Because of this, these lessons are foundational. Don't let that fool you, however, there will be plenty of things that you have not biblically considered before in these courses. We have taken the time to investigate the Hebrew culture on many foundational principles and we have found some surprising truths that you will find brings greater understanding to why you believe in Jesus. When believing in God actually starts to make sense, you are better able to communicate what you believe to those who do not believe. What You Will Receive After You Make Your Payment Once we receive your payment, you will be given access to the video and audio lessons including instructions.  You will also be assigned one of our instructors who will help guide you through this journey.  We will ship seven text books and two workbooks to you.  Once you receive the books, you will be ready to begin the fantastic journey of a lifetime--discovering the nature of your Creator.  Certificate of Discipleship Cost Cost Payment of $495.00  Payment Breakdown: $75.00 Registration Fee $320.00 Books, Workbooks, and Instructor fees $50.00 Certificate $50.00 Shipping and Handling
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Certificate of Discipleship Program “The Foundations of Our Faith” Welcome to the CBI E-Learning Center!
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The Glory of Kings Mark David Shaw Discover the Power That Will Develop You Into a King The Glory of Kings Shaw  CB “There is gold, and an abundance of jewels; but the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.” --Proverbs 20:15