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Individual Courses The Failure of the Church: A Chronology of End Time Events 20 weekly lessons  “The Failure of the Church” takes an honest and hard look at where the Church is failing. This failure has end time ramifications that many Christians are unaware of. Most Christians think that they are ready without pursuing the biblical knowledge that reveals what is required. The parable of the ten virgins found in Matthew chapter twenty-five shows that the Church is made up of two different types of Christians. One group is called wise and one group is called foolish. This is where the chronology of end time events meets the end time Church. The foolish virgins represent those who are not ready and are left behind while the wise virgins attend the wedding ceremony with the Lamb of God during the tribulation. When we apply the template of a split Church to end time events it unlocks the prophetic utterances concerning end time events. The mystery surrounding the tribulation and the millennium are now revealed. This book takes you on a journey through all of the end time prophecies to develop a timeline concerning the end time events. You can purchase the book at our store or at amazon.com Join our Facebook Group dedicated to this course by clicking the banner below.
As of April 15th 2015, this course is offered free on YouTube.  http://www.collegi umbibleinstitute.co m/foc
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